Darkshade Of Indian Weddings And Faiths

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Marriage is a sacred duty for the families of any nation or any religion of the world.

Indian wedding are often very colorful just like any other bollywood film, it have everything dance, music, light show, photography cinematography, everything. Wedding ceremony is called Shaadi or Vivaha which is a Sanskrit word in commanly used in northern parts of India and Kalyanam generally used in southern parts of India. Bride or the groom, everyone prefers a stylish weddings these days, resultinga new creative idea is being introduced of  Varmala ceremony on a circular platform. Concept of pre-wedding or post wedding shoots which all makes them more vibrant and memorable with extra cost are also came in fashion and gained popularity in recent years only.

If I talk about believes or the situational faiths several years back it was worse, it was sometimes difficult to secure a suitable bridegroom for a girl. Infact large sums money often have to be paid to do so. I believe the practice of dowry system has introduced in society this way back in ancient times. The cost of all expenditure, entertaining  and welcoming of guest, friends and family members, all expense more often than not is out of all proportion to the status of the father; indeed it is quite common for a man to borrow to the full extent of his credit and to mortgage, or even sell, all his property in order to raise a sum, equivalent to several years of his income or entire savings, to squander on the wedding of one of his daughters. This insane custom has led not only to polygamy, but also to female infanticide, child marriage in country and the prohibition of widow re-marriage in early ages of nation.

It has also resulted in an inordinate desire for boys to be born instead of girls or both equally in ratio, which results a serious problem of imbalance in ratio today in country. Many families are now buying brides from poorer families to perform the rituals and for the tasks to be just done by a girl as wife for their son. This is the darker side of this colorful bollywood style indian wedding systems which lead with a butterfly effect in years impacted majorly where these ratio differences are very wide like in Haryana, Punjab regions.

Baraat system is old as ancient, and still followed, when there were no faster means of transportation like buses, train and aeroplanes people has to just walk miles to reach marriage destination. During that travel they need to carry plentiful amount of light in form of diya (small lamps of lights fueled with oil) to see in dark nights because there were no street lights back in those days and that tradition which is no longer required to follow today is still followed all around the country in the form of diesel fueled generators powered to transportable electrical light lamps. Ghodhi  chadhai (riding horse)  in old ages were necessary in Indian wedding but in modern age when have faster cars , there is no need of  horse , elephant and camel these modern weddings.

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