About Us

Prime Fusion Production

Prime Fusion Production

We make your moments most memorable of your life. Creative minds that work towards making your day a cherished experience and to be relished forever. We at Prime Fusion Production, bring experience and creativity together to deliver your event that surpass expectations through the integrated use of our team’s unique set of skills. We operate with integrity, energy and attention to detail.

Do contact us if you are looking for creative good memories for you or for your loved ones.

Key Elements We Focus In Our Work :-

  • Emotions
  • Story
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Composition

Our company was built out of a genuine passion of wanting to make every
photo stand out, in its own place and feeling. We at Prime Fusion
Production, bring experience and creativity together to deliver photos,
that truly capture your essence. We operate with integrity, energy and
attention to detail, customizing this experience towards what is best for
you, and focus from the beginning on your goals, for you to be able to
get the best out of your investment.


WHY Choose US?

Every time someone decides to trust me for capturing them or their
special moments, my team focuses as much on experiences as on photos. We
take care of every aspect needed for the best work, from inquiry to
questions, pre shoot meet, shoot sessions and one-on-one viewing
appointment. Our work process is aimed to not only help you create your
magic but also to positively surprise you.


Bonni Mathew

It’s been 6 years since doing photography professionally and 8 years since editing and motion graphics and animation.
In these all years I have been done variety of projects for many companies and clients.

My experience and soft spoken attitude gives me the ability to put people at ease to connect with us comfortably and to understand us as well.

I have very keen eye for a details to ensure that all elements are within the composition, either it is a photo or a video or even a music work, together harmoniously they convey our right vision and also requested requirement of client.

My passion drives me to do better and from better to best. When you are passionate about what you do, it will always surly shines through your work because it takes a lot of time and effort to make things perfect and a perfect team to make perfect work more beautiful, and my teammates, I enjoy to work with ideas of our customers.