Remembering Those Days Of Vijay Diwas

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          REMEMBERING THOSE DAYS OF WAR                     VIJAY DIWAS

Today on Vijay Diwas I want to remember those moments which I saw very closely 20 years back during Kargil War. We got transferred to Jodhpur for 3 years and took admissions in Army school. I used to go school in army truck with my younger sister. Every army truck had a unique different number for identification and differentiation. Our truck number was 14 then later 21 for the next coming years. During those days when Kargil War was declared I saw a whole goods train full of army patton tanks, trucks, automatic and mechanical missile launchers, anti tank missile launchers, Bofors guns which was very helpful and vital for these types of tactical wars, and actually a major turning point for this war also. Many goods trains were passing with all these fully loaded weaponries as well as with some good brave soldiers on it for maintenance and protection. Although there was some tension and uncertainty between both countries, but we carefree kids waved our hands, shouting and cheering them up at railway crossings, in reply they also waved their hands with smiling faces and courage in heart.

Our school itself was in middle of army units. Sound of gun shots during training and jet fighter planes roaring and passing above us just 50 meters high from our head were very common to us. Army battalions were divided in Units with each carrying their sigils along with uplifting unit’s lines. Whole Jodhpur was divided in three parts, ARMY, AIR FORCE and CIVILIANS. We lived in civil area until got our army quarters, then shifted to army residential area.

First year anniversary of Vijay Diwas was also special for us. Despite of all odds and post war trauma army arranged a fair display of almost all majorly used weapon systems in war at Polo ground. I was at polo ground with my school friends to experience that event which was nearby another army unit which had a captured Pakistani patton tank at its foyer and that always captivated us. First time in life I saw and experienced how it’s feel like to be in a destructive tank, saw how 360° aiming semi-automatic heavy artillery guns works and ofcourse Bofors guns. When we used to move in train, we saw many anti-aircraft missile launchers installed in between farm lands throughout our whole journey, so if ever any country invade this country with their Air-Force they can’t imagine that can bring down from any of farmer’s field.


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