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Wedding photoshoot is a long and time taking process, in most cases the shoot takes a whole day and sometimes couple needs to spend more days to complete the photoshoot, just keeping this is mind it will be a good option to carry more designed costumes with you (3-4 extra costumes) so that you can change it according to different location and background, it will make the photos look good and will appeal more to the viewers.



2- Accessories 

A good dress without accessories will make the dress dull, when you are ready to spend good amount on dresses then spend some bucks more on accessories also, imagine a wedding girl wearing traditional saree without any jewelleries.  ….Accessories make appearance more appealing. Make sure you carry extra accessories with you so that you can wear the accessories according to costumes. Few things you should take care while carrying the accessories are

  • Avoid carrying precious accessories like gold and diamond, as in most cases there will be an outdoor shoot and there will be chances of risk things to lose.
  • Carry light weight accessories with you.
  • Carry accessories which matches with your costumes.


3- Makeup Kit 

One of the most important things you can’t afford to avoid is taking the makeup artist /Make up kit along with you. Whole day shoot is lethargic process and couples would be wanting touch-ups again and again to look good in pictures. Either you should be good in doing touch ups or take your own makeup artist along with you so that he/she can do the touch-up part for you and you always can pose like a star.



4- Food and Drinks 

Always carry food and soft drinks with you so that you always stay hydrated and don’t get tired of shooting, take a break, fill your tummy, take rest and start again shooting, and trust me when couple will be energetic the artist behind the camera will automatically get pumped up. So take care of yourself while traveling out for a shoot.In summer season shooting in hot place like Jaipur, you must always carry few bottles of water with you to get hydrated throughout the day; after all you have to look good in the photographs.



5- Props

Props plays a very important role in pre wedding photo shoots. Props like colourful umbrella, heart shaped pillow, tiara, photo cutouts and photo frames add uniqueness to the photographs, although it is a duty of the photographer as a artist to guide clients to use them like a pro. Posing with these props makes the photographs more pleasing and stand out of the rest.


    Relax, Shoot and Repeat

Article By – Sagar Pillai

       Content Writer



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